Category: Social Media. Digital Strategy.

Objectives: Promotion and awareness of the movie Moonrise Kingdom.

Claim: Fnac’s window display creator for Moonrise Kingdom (Creador del escaparate Fnac para Moonrise Kingdom).

Description: User participates by creating a window display for Fnac in Madrid that announces the premiere of Moonrise Kingdom. Based on the same template (virtual Fnac’s window display) the user would combine various graphical elements to create his/her own display. The winning design would be displayed in the window of Fnac Madrid.

Results: Increase in number and percentage of interaction of fans. Better awareness of the movie Moonrise Kingdom.

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marketing de contenidos

Hemos oído en innumerables ocasiones que, en Internet, ?El contenido es el rey? pero? ¿qué significa realmente y para qué nos sirve? El marketing de contenidos ocupa una gran parte de nuestro tiempo c...

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