Category: Creativity and design. Digital Strategy.

Objectives: Sales increase, branding, and social media presence.

Claim: Adolfo Dominguez.

Description: The online marketing strategy for Adolfo Dominguez encompasses the design, development and management of the websites and e-shop of the different corporate lines of business. Also, a relevant point for the strategy was brand-image optimization in social networks through the revitalization of social profiles and launch of Facebook applications oriented to increase sales and customer loyalty. In addition, online strategy was complemented by an adhoc loyalty program: “AD Experience”.

Results: Visibility and brand positioning online as well as sales growth.

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2 preguntas antes de iniciarte en el marketing de contenidos

marketing de contenidos

Hemos oído en innumerables ocasiones que, en Internet, ?El contenido es el rey? pero? ¿qué significa realmente y para qué nos sirve? El marketing de contenidos ocupa una gran parte de nuestro tiempo c...

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